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Apps Used by Millions


Haze - Photo Enhance, Colorize

Haze is your comprehensive, AI-powered image manipulation app that transforms, enhances, and perfects your photographs in a variety of remarkable ways


IRMO - AI Avatar Dream Studio

Wouldn't it be great that if you had a printer that is connected to your mind or the greatest artists of all human history like Van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer or Picasso turn your dreams into art for you? With IRMO you will create great artworks in dozens of different styles and concepts according to your imagination with the usage of artificial intelligence!

LOGO 512.png

ADEL - AI Powered Storytelling

With Adel, your voice becomes the narrator of endless bedtime stories.
Imagine a story where your child leads the adventure you design!


PLAIN - AI Keyboard

Plain isn't just another keyboard. It's your personal text assistant, powered by GPT-4, designed to elevate your writing experience across all apps. Whether you're chatting, working, or just exploring, Plain has got your back!

Grammar & Spell Check, Translate, Ask AI, Tone Changer, Paraphrase, Reply, Continue Text, Find Synonyms, Generic Messages (Happy Birthday, Thank You, Anniversary....)

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