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Evolution of Mobile Apps During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed and continues to change every aspect of our lives. Among all these changes, the most striking and constant change was the mobile applications that made our lives easier. When people could not access face-to-face services for a long time, they started to turn to mobile devices.

The pandemic crisis has created a strong demand for digital solutions to help people face the new normal. Businesses had to switch to a different model to provide mobile access to their customers' products and services.

It is predicted that these new behavioral patterns related to mobile applications will continue after the pandemic.

Mobile Apps Gaining Popularity After COVID-19

The pandemic has fueled mobile app production. As conditions and restrictions change frequently, the need for mobile applications has increased to address the changes that affect people, which has led to the development of applications. We can list the sectors which developed mobile applications due to the pandemic as follows:

  • In order to reduce physical contact, mobile shopping has become one of the most used mobile application categories in the first months of the pandemic. There has been tremendous growth in app downloads and in-app purchases on platforms like the App Store and Google Play.

  • Health organizations have started to develop new mobile applications to fix the disruptions caused by the pandemic. Applications such as contact monitoring and online meeting with the doctor were developed. Appointment scheduling and instant messaging applications with doctors are on the rise.

  • Education has been another industry booming in mobile app production during COVID-19. Still, many universities and schools around the world continue to apply for digital channels that enable distance education. In addition to video conferencing apps like Zoom or Skype, many e-learning apps, including Google Classroom, are becoming tools that students easily access and use seamlessly. The demand for educational applications shows that the use of these applications will continue to increase in the coming years.

  • Mobile applications such as YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, which people often use to relieve their boredom and have fun during quarantine, also continue to maintain their popularity. In addition, the use of social media applications and games, which are easily available on Android and iOS platforms, is increasing.

  • Before the pandemic, remote work was not the primary work culture. Today, the transition of organizations to remote working has led to a significant increase in the use of applications such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, which facilitate out-of-office operations. It looks like working from home and e-office will continue to be the primary business models for a while. Research shows that working remotely leads to lower costs and higher employee productivity, resulting in much better business results. The effective results show that applications that facilitate remote working will also be preferred after the pandemic.

  • Payment methods are now changing as consumers transition to digital payments. Online banking apps, digital wallets and contactless payments are increasingly becoming mainstream. Mobile payments and contactless cards made up a small percentage of prepayments. But the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of this technology by consumers and retailers.

  • Franchises and fast-food restaurants have realized that having an easy-to-use mobile app is key to their survival. Many, if not all, quickly adapted to this situation. Likewise, grocers have found that a new business model, where customers order via a mobile app, is viable during the pandemic.

The new normal continues to trigger demand for diverse mobile app production. Mobile apps will evolve all the time.


Conveniences Provided by Mobile Applications

Offering your customers a mobile way to do business with you may be the most strategic investment you can make. The conveniences created by the mobile experience for the business can be listed as follows:

  • Mobile apps help you understand your business goals and how you want to achieve them

  • It offers an easy way to better understand your customers and their needs

  • It allows you to analyze your products and services to determine if they can be delivered in a different mobile-enabled way.

There are also some approaches that will ensure you continue to deliver the best work in the face of the new normal:

  • When developing applications, you can take into account a wide variety of user profiles with different abilities or conditions, and enable people to use them

  • You can take the right step by prioritizing your store optimization. With app store optimization, you can increase your visibility in searches and build a strong foundation for your app's continued success

  • You can develop new app discovery tactics so that more people discover and use the app on the App Store and Google Play.

The mobile app industry is growing more violently than ever before. Customers often choose to move on to the next competing app when they find a bug in the apps and it isn't fixed quickly. That's why you need to work on developing best practices.

Changes Observed After the Pandemic Shows

With the evolution of modern mobile solutions, people have become more successful in adapting to the new normal. For example, video conferencing applications came to the fore in different areas such as keeping in touch with friends and families, grandparents talking to their grandchildren, students attending classes, and holding meetings of employees and employers.

The increase in the use and production of mobile applications shows that the addiction to these applications is permanent. It also shows that the spectrum in terms of mobile user profile is getting wider to include individuals of different ages, experiences and abilities.

Mobile apps not only help you strengthen your digital presence, but also give your customers a seamless experience. Ankara-based Mobiversite develops highly functional and performance-oriented applications with its deep experience for mobile application solutions. In order to effectively implement and strengthen the mobile application ideas, you can enter the mobile application industry with the right steps by choosing our competent and professional team.

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